Why did we build Dazychain?

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In the future, buyers of legal services will buy the elements of legal services bit by bit, from the best and most economical providers. The thinking is that clients won’t just choose a law firm to manage the whole matter, provide all the staffing and deliver every function. For example, buyers may get a better and cheaper result by hiring a QC to advise on strategy, an e-discovery system to handle discovery, a legal services outsourcing provider to handle administration, an on-demand lawyer service to provide staff lawyers and a specialist legal project manager.

If buyers are not going to just buy a range of services from a law firm, then they will need a system to manage the process, and that’s where Dazychain comes in. Clients can optimise the result by using Dazychain to link the whole process. Dazychain can specify the matter workflow, store the documents and all their variations, report on provider invoices and manage the collaboration between the various team members. Dazychain creates better visibility across the General Counsel’s matters and facilitates communication by creating easier and more organised communication with outside law firms.

We believe that technology is about to take services management to a whole new level. For nearly 20 years Yarris has been helping enterprise customers to manage complex services, like telco construction and auto crash repairs for insurers. Now, with Dazychain, we aim to help all our customers manage complex legal services with a simple and intuitive system.