Centralised collaboration
platforms to streamline the
complex workflows
between enterprises and
their service providers

Yarris applications manage all your business’
interactions and activities. Quickly, seamlessly
and efficiently.

Tens of thousands of users – from Telstra to the New South Wales Government –
manage over $1.1 billion of services with Yarris systems each year

For businesses that want to procure and manage complex professional services with ease.

Yarris systems help enterprises and governments create panels of providers, select the best service providers and seamlessly manage every aspect of the provider’s work and performance. All on one, user-friendly platform.


  • Centralise your processes, documentation and communication on one platform
  • Create customised workflow templates


  • Create and assign tasks, upload documents, track and approve invoices
  • Check status on milestones, deliverables and spend


  • Generate fully customised reports on demand
  • Utilise system data to analyse spend, provider performance and more

Yarris systems improve productivity, reduce costs and enable complete visibility over your business processes.


Yarris systems are an all-in-one solution, designed to replace your existing systems and processes

Select the best supplier, share and allocate work, manage the supplier’s performance, check compliances, pay and report from one centralised platform

Manage change

Our flexible platforms and customised workflows adapt to your unique business processes

Utilise the data collected by the system to forecast outcomes, analyse value for services and adjust to changing market conditions

Extensive customer

Custom system enhancements and thorough training ensure your system is optimised for your business

On-going support and user-friendly systems minimise onboarding time

Robust security
and data integrity

Instant back-ups and custom privacy settings control who sees and interacts with your information

Highly secure, agile and resilient AWS cloud-based applications

All data remains in Australia and is encrypted in transit and at rest


Gain instant insights into task status, provider performance and service costs with detailed worklists, reports, event milestones and Gannt charts

Choose the best provider for every job – review qualitative and quantitative ratings and reviews of panel providers and their performance


Centralised workflows and communications minimise duplicate efforts, streamline invoicing and reduce admin time

Yarris customers enjoy cost and time savings of 10-25% after implementing our systems

Centralised knowledge

Centralised, searchable databases of tasks, documents and communications minimise back and forth

Convenient, cloud-based platform ensures you can access your files and information anywhere, anytime

Extensive reporting

Gain visibility into any aspect of your service provider contracts by creating customised reports on-demand

Easy drag and drop reporting of all data in the system

Analyse the true cost of outcomes and assess the value of services provided based on your own KPIs

Boost productivity

Minimise duplicate efforts with centralised workflows and full auditable history

Customise workflows to your organisation’s needs, including contracting, invoicing and document management

Save time with automation for process flows

Built for your organisation

Yarris systems are designed specifically to simplify the procurement andmanagement of services for enterprises and governments

No hardware costs. Access our cloud-based platforms from any device

Wide range of APIs available – Yarris systems easily integrate with your organisation’s finance and payment systems

Yarris was instrumental in helping us start Proquo.

A year ago, Proquo was just beginning as a start-up, and we chose the Yarris team to give us a quick head start. Yarris has years of experience in developing and operating digital marketplaces and they shared their ideas and expertise freely.

Yarris made some of their key engineers available to us over a 12-month period as we established and trained our own dedicated Proquo team. The Yarris people were embedded in our team and helped grow it to maturity much faster.

Ricky Lam and Carl Spurling, Co-CEOs,
Proquo www.proquo.com.au

Made in Australia: Founded, owned and run in Australia since 1995.
We understand our customers’ businesses.