How we can help you

Yarris systems optimise your most
valuable resources: your
processes and your people

Managing service providers and sub-contractors for your business doesn’t have to be a costly, stress-inducing affair. No matter how complex your processes or how many complex projects, matters or transactions your team needs to manage, we can help you implement a system to boost productivity and reduce costs.

  • Process management
  • Contractor management
  • Matter management
  • Legal process outsourcing
  • Construction management
  • Marketplace development

How Yarris systems can help you

Select the best
service providers
based on quantitative
reviews and ratings

Share and allocate work

Manage provider and sub-contractor performance

Monitor work orders

Streamline invoicing

On-demand reporting

Track performance and deliverables

One of the most difficult variables for any business to measure is performance. What’s the true value of every dollar, every contract, every job and every matter? How much time are team members and providers spending on each task and what’s the value of the outcome? Yarris systems make it easy to capture, track and report on the metrics that matter most to your business.

Centralised collaboration platforms

Yarris systems replace all your current processes, systems and workflows with one, centralised platform that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. There’s no more chasing after providers or team members for updates, or sorting through endless e-mails and spreadsheets. Upload, search and store documents. Assign tasks, post communications or get instant access to status on every project, task, milestone and deliverable.

Simplify complex workflows

Duplicate efforts, double entry, inefficient onboarding practices and inconsistent processes are big budget drains. Standardising your unique business processes is one of the fastest ways to improve productivity. Yarris systems enable you to develop customised workflow templates for every scenario your business encounters. Create teams, set permissions and assign tasks.

Become a Yarris Development Partner

Every Yarris system was initially developed in partnership with Yarris Development Partners, before going on to serve hundreds of thousands of users. Yarris Development Partners include the Victorian Government, Telstra, National Australia Bank, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and Suncorp. If you’re looking for a solution and our current offerings don’t fit your industry, you may be a Yarris Development Partner candidate. Contact us to learn more.

Yarris was instrumental in helping us start Proquo.

A year ago, Proquo was just beginning as a start-up, and we chose the Yarris team to give us a
quick head start. Yarris has years of experience in developing and operating digital marketplaces and they
shared their ideas and expertise freely.

Yarris made some of their key engineers available to us over a 12-month period as we established
and trained our own dedicated Proquo team. The Yarris people were embedded in our team and
helped grow it to maturity much faster.

Ricky Lam and Carl Spurling, Co-CEOs,

Work better with Yarris systems

  • Improve productivity
  • Forecast effectively
  • Manage panels of providers and sub-contractors
  • Procure providers based on performance criteria
  • Streamline complex processes
  • Provide visibility into provider tasks and billing
  • Control costs

Find out how we can transform the way you do business.